The teacup is an image I began using several years ago - first context, Jack, a solo work based on British Invasion music and similar idioms. The first cup, a red one titled Requiem, sat on a pencil line extended off a window sill. This was a unique work. This is why there is no red cup among the editions.
The teacup is representative of a moment stolen from time, a period of deep repose with the self. When I say self I mean something akin to the Sufi notion of The Visitor - I do not mean anything related to personality. Of course, the existence of this is argued these days, with the Gospel of PoMo adding its wordy doubt to the previous stoic skepticism of modernism. Additionally, I think the notion of a teacup contains the idea that something big may be contained in something small.
And of course, there is plenty I'm not saying, including things I don't know about the image. For this, I rely on what others bring.
As for the installation, teetering on any handy feature of domestic architecture, let's just say "there's many a slip between the cup and the lip."
Each edition is limited to 6:
black Blink / remaining: 2
blue Blur / remaining: 3
orange Orenda / sold out
yellow Yearn / remaining: 3
ochre Octave / remaining: 6
pink: Prell / sold out
white Whim / remaining:3
For further information contact:
Gallery Sonja Roesch
2309 Caroline Street
Houston, TX 77004
T: 713.659.5424

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