Bargain Hunter

I am just a martyr on my own little path to god
if you want to we can barter
between Jesus and Jihad
I’ve got you in my crosshairs
you’re a picture in my mind
when I destroy your arms and legs
it won’t be unkind
I am just someone you’ll see in the yellow light so low
a flash of recognition granted
just before I go
yes you’ll remember me my friend
the remainder of your life
and you’ll recall a face reflected
in a silver butter knife
I stand here in the shadows with a vision in my hand
on a trail of tears built in four years
I hope you understand
that mercy is as mercy does
in a mercenary land
and that in the instant when we meet
you’ll know who I am
I am a bargain hunter with a pocket full of cash
and when I’m done you can always hope
you’ve got a few teeth left to gnash
I can hear the nails of both your hands
on the street begin to scratch
a quiet word that goes unheard
like the striking of a match
Copyright Hills Snyder, 2004

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