No Matter What Time of Year

I put you in touch with my madness
then you
put me in touch with my sadness
and then
like a little known renaissance painter
with a line barely drawn only fainter
he used a little bitty brush
it was only a brush with love

you cut out your tongue
just to prove that I like the way you talk
why do you run on one leg
to see if I like the way you walk

    I’d carry you and your parts in a basket
    why you fell apart don’t ask it
    I’d do this for you on easter
    and any other day of the year

those days are like a tooth you forgot
and left in my head
let’s sleep on the table tonight
in the morning we’ll eat in bed

    I’ll put that tooth right under my pillow
    and wait for the fairy by the window sill
    I’d do this for you tonight
    even if you bite me again

you ask me for your heart
like I keep it in some separate place
it’s a part I know by heart
I might mention along with your face

    if you’re worried I know you so well
    don’t blow a gasket   
    I carry you with me in a basket not a casket   
    when I die you can have it   
    and go for a picnic on my grave

    if you think this song is scary and funny
    just ask the tooth fairy and the easter bunny
    I’d slide down the chimney for you
    it don’t matter what time of year
Copyright Hills Snyder, 2005.

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