Chad Dawkins, Lonely Are the Brave, 2009

Posted by Chad Dawkins on Publicity Stunted, July 4, 2009:

“Lonely are the Brave” indeed. This is a very impressive show. Justin Boyd’s sound performance was powerful to say the least. Utilizing a fence structure, a synthesizer, an i-phone, and even a cigar Boyd managed to completely envelope the space, your body, and your brain. The whole thing had me thinking about our collective (in)ability to reconcile the past with the present, and those elements that we can’t seem to shake, the ones that slip through the sieve of our culture. Chris Sauter’s recreated room seems to speak to this too. It also proclaims that Sauter's work is excellent and that everyone needs to see more. Kelly O’Connor’s piece was a shift from her usual—sort of. I like that it encompassed an entire room, and spread small pieces of itself around the whole space. I will say that I prefer the hyper activity and color packed into the individual O’Connor pieces of late. I think the space was more of a limiter than an advantage for O’Connor. I like the threads as connective and restrictive devices, I just don’t like that they are radiating from the black and white painted characters. Jesse Amado’s wall piece connects everything together. I must say that Hills Snyder's curatorial and artistic contributions are not lost on those that appreciate excellence in artistic direction.

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