More or Less

I could have loved you better
this I do confess
but I could not have loved you more, more or less

got something you want to say to me
got something on your chest
your wish is my command my love
you word is my behest, more or less

there is no card I'm holding
there is no pocket in my vest
there is nothing but arms underneath my sleeves, more or less

these same two arms can hold you
this you could have guessed
and it isn't as if I've told you
but we've been blessed, more or less

and it was you who rang the alarm bell
to this I can attest
you were always smart that way I guess, more or less

snow may fall on a willow tree
and hang like a wedding dress
and walls may fall around you in jest
more or less

Copyright Hills Snyder, 2006

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