you say you think that we should talk this over
as if some kind of treasures there to find
but I dont hear no words to say
people talk too much anyway
Id rather be a rumor in your mind

now Johnny he may wait at the cliffs of Dover
but this place can be all earth shoes and blank stares
its a price I just wont pay
and you wont entertain today
no there wont be any angels unawares

    He made a vow while in state prison
      Vowed it would be my life or his'n
      I'm not afraid of death but, oh...

once I laid you down in fields of clover
and never did I measure to refine
now Im a kite thats blown away
on a string that could not stay
in your hand Im just a rumor in your mind

Copyright Hills Snyder, 2004

    Do Not Forsake Me [The Ballad of High Noon],
     words by Ned Washington, music by Dmitri Tiomkin

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