When Animals Mate For Love

when animals mate for love
they’re less likely to wind up a glove
or a boot or a belt
or a brand new purse

they talk in their animal way
say all the things that animals say
its just a walk in the woods
for better or worse

no they don’t say through thick and thin
but real animal love is no sin
they’ve got the trees and the sky
they don’t need a church

when animals mate for love
be it a deer or a duck or dove
or a little red hen
sitting on her perch

they make love their animal way
and they fall back in love every day
paws and claws to the wall
to the best of their ability

no they don’t make love in a bed
or a kitchen or a car or a shed
they’ve got their very own animal

it’s the same for you and me
I’ll be anything you want me to be
a cat or a monkey
or even a teddy bear

a deer might elope on a dare
and boogie like he just don’t care
a raccoon with a plan might unmask
his sweet lady fair

when they make their animal love
they don’t wear boots and gloves
but if that’s what you like
then I don’t mind

so when an animal love you find
be an animal and try to be kind
keep thinking of
when animals mate for love

Copyright Hills Snyder, 2006

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