Smiley Cross

$100 in velveteen bag, postpaid
limited edition sterling silver
1 7/8 X 15/16 inches
Hills Snyder, 2006
Provenance of The Smiley Cross
It started out as a line drawing on a piece of scrap paper, which I showed to a couple of people at a party in Austin. Their response was good. It’s first appearance as an object was the piece AC/DC from Representative Material at Rrose Amarillo in the summer of 1997. Followed closely by another version, Mars from Gloville at the Casino Luxembourg, which opened Valentines Day, 1998. It came pretty much full bore in Jack at the James Gallery, January 1999 in Stairway To Heaven (based on Zeno’s Paradox) and 2 45s and A LP (seen below). Stairway to Heaven was also part of the project titled Tea For One at Three Walls in San Antonio, spring 2000. A subsequent all red version appeared in 2001 as Blood of The Lamb That Bit You. Mars was gifted to the collection of the San Antonio Museum of Art by Linda Pace in 2004. The image was given the designation “smiley-cross” by Arend Zwartjes in his review of the James Gallery show in Artl!es #26.


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