Published Writing

Altered States: Part Eight
Ethel Shipton is everywhere. Because she's here.
Altered States: Part Seven
At Play In The Fields of The Chthulucene (Leigh Anne Lester)
Altered States: Part Six
Morrissey, You Owe Erik Sanden An Aplology (Buttercup)
Altered States: Part Five
Things Come To Light (Rolando López)
Altered States: Part Four
Comes To Light (Rolando López)
NHD: And The Devil Went Up To Portland release show
Jesse Amado: Becoming
Altered States: Part Three
Altered States: Part Two
Altered States: Part One
Glasstire Series Debut: Altered States
15 Artists 15 Questions
Bryson Brooks
Trembling Bells: The Sovereign Self
The Milk Carton Kids: Monterey
Jesse Amado: 30 Day RX
King Pelican: Matador Surfer
The Owl Service & Alison O'Donnell: The Fabric of Folk (Redux)
What A Cowboy Can Reveal (Doug Sahm/Joe Nick Patoski)
Panhandle South Plains Laissez-faire (Jeff Wheeler & Maisie Alford)
I'm About To Read To You Now
Until That Goodbye (Dario Robleto)
Kin (Ken Little catalogue essay)
Wish What You Watch For (Chris Sauter)
The Real Thing (Ivor Shearer)
Northern Climbs: Grand Marais at testsite
How To Disarm Just About Anyone (Gary Sweeney)
The Program Will Begin Shortly (Silence, The Menil Collection)
Something This Way Comes (Randy Wallace)
Kelly McCool (Kelly O'Connor)
Seven Days (Chuck Ramirez)
Flying Around In The Rain (Chuck Ramirez)
For The Trees (Matthew Ronay)
One Kind Favor 1 (East of Eden)
One Kind Favor 2 (Desdemona Hatbox Strawn)
One Kind Favor 3 (Pennies)
One Kind Favor 4 (Go West young weed)
One Kind Favor 5 (Chuck is my co-pilot)
One Kind Favor 6 (Maybe this'll be the day)
A Well Performed Place (Karen Mahaffy)
The Persistence of Moment (Karen Mahaffy)
Is he Dead? Sit you down, father. Rest you. (Psychedelic, SAMA)
As You Like It (Jose Alvarez)
Wink To Winnipeg
Rabbit Quest 2009: Lonely Are the Brave (Jesse Amado, Justin Boyd, Kelly O'Connor, Chris Sauter)
Supercaliforniamysticexperthalitosis (Gordy Grundy)
Drawing on The Wrong Side of The Brain
The Old, Weird America (CAM, Houston)
Page 33 (Alejandro Cesarco)
Given a Choice Between The Impossible, Choose The Ladder (George Ferrandi, John Orth, Dario Robleto, Randy Wallace)
Beyond post To Kellogg's
A Brief History of Time (Christian Jankowski)
Dust (Chris Sauter)
Love Is The Drug (The Art Guys)
Slowly I Turn (Cornelia Parker)
This Is This (Leni Hoffman, May Sun, Elizabeth McGrath)
Heaven Can Waste (Anya Gallacio)
Predicaments: Elizabeth McGrath
Body and Site (Leni Hoffman)
Trajectory: How Am I ? (May Sun)
Evidence of Play (Elizabeth McGrath)

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